Blitz Chopper2
Vehicles have an important role in Blitz Brigade. When they were automatically re-spawned, they were mostly used as transport, so players could move quickly and efficiently in the short five minute games. But since the three new vehicles were added in Update 11, does the player have to pay diamonds. This is probably to prevent matches where all players used crushers only. The vehicles doesn't spawn at pre-chosen places anymore and have to be spawned at the Spawning Station. Since update 11, the vehicles can only be upgraded when using diamonds. The Tank got renamed to Thunder Roller and the Helicopter to Blitz Chopper. The 4x4 remained the same.

Spawning Station Edit

Choosing Class In-game Menu1
Spawning Station

The Spawning Station is a radio device placed somewhere close to each team's base point. It has a little screen on it and an antenna on it. To play with vehicles, you have to select them at the menu, right after you entered a match. On the left you can find "Equip Vehicles". You have to press a slot and change it with another vehicle. After you selected which three you want to use, you can spawn in and go to the spawning station. The first spawn costs 2 diamonds; the second 1 and the rest is free. When the update was released spawning started from 6 diamonds and 3 for VIP's

Spawning Station 4x4 · Thunder Roller · Blitz Chopper · Crusher · Crimson Menace · Battle Hornet
Training Tank · Helicopter

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