As I announced a couple of weeks ago: I'm going to delete some pages common used pages.

I already said why in my previous blog, but just for the people how missed that: The pages are repeating information or they are just lists of articles that have already been listed in their category.

What will happen now. Let me make a list :)

  • The content of the Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons and Melee Weapons pages is already placed at the Weapons page.
  • The content of the Soldier Weapons, Gunner Weapons, Medic Weapons, Stealth Weapons, Sniper Weapons and Demolisher Weapons pages will be moved to their class page, written in a text. It will be divided under the Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons and Melee Weapons titles.
  • Pages like Classes, Maps, Game Modes will just be deleted because they weren't really useful. All the important information or little detail will be moved to it's page. But that's still gone wait a bit.
  • There are also a couple of puzzle pages. These will be deleted and pasted separately in their stage on the Training page. The Images will be categorized in the Category. Hopefully will they get a full explanation where to find each puzzle peace. (Unfortunately, it is not possible for me, because I've already got all puzzles.)

These links might be red when you're reading this.

Update 9-9-2017

All pages written in italic have been removed. However, pages such as Weapons and Consumables will stay as they are describing a bigger group and they contain all subgroups of classes and etc. Pages like Classes, Maps and Game Modes have been moved to the Blitz Brigade page.

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