Update 19 has been released in May 2017 for Android and iOS. It was more of a small update to add some weapons and make some small changes. One of the new feature is the 3G/LTE support, which makes it possible to play without Wi-Fi. Some other changes are the extended the Engineer's inventory and the possibility to heal teammates with the Void Cannon and Spark Frenzy. Together with these changes, in update 19, there have been added many more futuristic weapons like the Great Smile for Gunner and Demolisher only, the Rapid Biter for all classes, and the Stallion Steel, Baby Bee and the Drum Gun for all classes except for Engineer. Also on the Facebook page, two weapons were mentioned, called The Hornet and the Rabid Fire in a review. However, they were never released and there is no more information about it. Because there is nothing said about the Baby Bee and the Rapid Biter it were probably the previous names of the two weapons. Other than these multi class weapons, there is also a Medic based weapon: The Fist Aid.

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