Update 18 was released in March for iOS and in April, two weeks later, for Android. It is another small update to add new in-game content. However, the new weapons have high impact on the game as they are even more powerful and expensive as there already have been released. A new weapon called the Big Bertha was released as a well balanced weapon, but was totally useless against the other powerful weapons available, leaving nobody to buy it. For the Sniper, there is the Minuteman Musket, which is another great weapon and well balanced, but it can't beat the Deep Freeze and with less and less players, this weapon was not bought a lot. The Gatekeeper turret was a success and has been bought by many players. As in all updates, there are also unified weapons like the Railsplitter and Fist of Freedom, which are very powerful weapons and disturb the balance. Both the Allies and Axis forces have a new hat. The Allied Kepi for the Axis and the Höllenfeuer for the Axis. As they wrote in their update review, there should have been weapon re-balancing and HP increments per division; however, it's unclear which weapons have been re-balanced.

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