Blitz Brigade - Test your skills in the freezing inferno!00:47

Blitz Brigade - Test your skills in the freezing inferno!

UFO Crash Site1
The UFO Crash Site is a small map in Blitz Brigade. It was released as one of the new features in the update of March 2015, and is one of the two maps where you can play all game modes. It features a walkway that revolves around a UFO that has crashed, which is located in the middle of the map. And outside the map at the ice are some machines and buildings. You can use the ramps, which are laying at the ground to get in or out a building or to travel a small distance. These launch pads are particularly helpful for a player who has a weapon that deals splash damage and want to clear the players from the map and match. The launch pads make the map very unique and a first of its kind, because you don't actually take fall damage from getting thrown across the map.

Game Modes: Edit

Flags: Edit

Capture the flag:

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