Blitz Brigade - Test your skills in the freezing inferno!00:47

Blitz Brigade - Test your skills in the freezing inferno!

UFO Crash Site1

The UFO Crash Site is a small map in Blitz Brigade. It was released as one of the new features in the update of March 2015, and is one of the two maps where you can play all game modes. It features a walkway that revolves around a UFO that has crashed, which is located in the middle of the map. And outside the map at the ice are some machines and buildings. You can use the ramps, which are laying at the ground to get in or out a building or to travel a small distance. These launch pads are particularly helpful for a player who has a weapon that deals splash damage and want to clear the players from the map and match. The launch pads make the map very unique and a first of its kind, because you don't actually take fall damage from getting thrown across the map.

Domination Edit

UFO Crash Site-Domination


Unknown flag Edit


Unknown flag Edit


Unknown flag Edit


Deathmatch Edit

UFO Crash Site-Deathmatch

In Deathmatch, everything depends on who is dominating the top. The possibility of getting hit is way much smaller when shooting from above because it's easier to make kills with splash damage, than using point weapons from below, aiming and hitting the target. So it's recommended to fight in group. But if the other team is above, you better try killing them with sniper from a safe spot, where you can hide easily. You can also take another stairs, but note that there can be some re-spawned enemies. All though, sometimes are the attacks straight at the same level, if you keep getting defeated, it's recommended to sneak away and reach that top. Enemies want to get as much XP as possible, so they wont leave that place till they died or ran out of ammo.

Capture the flag Edit

UFO Crash Site-CTF

When playing CTF, Keep looking at the cathedral. The most people go to the top to kill the opponents from above with splash damage or weapons with a long range. There are many ways up, so you only have to pick a safe way and take them out from behind. Also, since a couple of updates ago, people go straight to their flag when weapons that boost their speed are equipped, like the Bonerattler or Drumhammer, so be sure that you are waiting at the right spot. There is even a way to get on a higher spot explained in the video.

The Blue flag is situated in the small area surround by one building with the light tower. There is a little bridge and a "Tunnel" to escape through, but note that you are in open air and you can be killed very easily when they are hunting for you. At top of the building is a machine gun and will supply crates be dropped during the match. But that building is less high than the cathedral. The Armory is not far away. It's on your left when looking towards the cathedral and standing on the flag's position.

The Red flag is situated between a couple of buildings and the end of the map on the other side of the map. You can only hide behind the building, but just like the Allies are you in open air and can the enemies fire from anywhere. Also on one of those building is a machine gun placed and will supply crates be dropped during the match. The Armory is next to the stairs of the little building, and it's much safer located than the Allies.

Free For All Edit

UFO Crash Site-FFA


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