The Training is a section in Blitz Brigade where the player can learn the basics of the game. It is free to enter a mission and use the default weaponry. The players don't have to repair weapons, but they can buy some extra consumables, though, it's not advised to buy them as the missions can be completed without using any of them and every match, one supply crates will be dropped on a specific place somewhere in the map.

Missions Edit

The training contains multiple stages and ten missions are divided over each of those stages from 1 to 12. Every mission has three stars and the first star has to be reached to gain a reward in coins that increases as the difficulty level rises and go to the next mission. However, it's not possible going to the next stages by just having the first stars of the missions. The stages are locked and can only be unlocked by an amount of stars of by early unlocking it with diamonds, just like missions can be skipped with ten diamonds. The missions go from shooting behind a machine guns to flying helicopters and surviving waves. As the missions haven't been changed since the Demolisher Update, the Demolisher and Engineer classes as well as the new vehicles of the Vehicle Update have not been added into the missions and are not playable throughout the training. Currently, 9 mission pages have been made. No reward will be granted all missions have been completed, but it is unknown if there is one for completing each mission with three stars.

Machine Gun Mission
Sniper Elimination
Blitz Chopper
Sniper Denial
Sniper Protection
Jet Pack
Thunder Roller
Flag Capture

Puzzles Edit

Puzzle piece are pieces of art works of Blitz Brigade. Each stage has it own puzzle and sixteen puzzle pieces that can be found. They are hidden by one or two in each mission and can be collected by shooting them during the mission. As this counts as a hit, they will add points to the counter, but once they have been collected, they can't be shot again.

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