Supply Crate in the puzzle of stage 8

Supply Crates appear in Blitz Brigade during the matches. They are locked boxes, which will be dropped out of the plains and are scattered throughout maps in every match. They contain a couple of Weapons, consumables and card boxes and only one will be dropped/appear at a time. Even if they haven't been opened, they'll still renew after a certain time and the locations of the boxes are always the same. The weapons of these crates can't be kept and will be lost after the match, by death or re-spawning, when you receive another weapon of a supply crate or when you're out of ammo. Note that the weapons can be replaced by others in an update, so it's not quite sure which weapons are in the boxes and have been already. Also, if the player has the same weapon equipped as he got from the crates, you will still have them both as different weapons, instead of adding ammo to your clip-size. Recently it's only possible to pick up crates in matches after the first one.