Shipley 9mm In Shop

The Shop is the main section of Blitz Brigade to buy your, weapons, vehicles and other items like consumables, taunts, greetings and kill signatures . Most of the items can be purchased here with the exception of instant re-spawn, automatic training stage unlocks, puzzle unlocks etc. Both currencies can be used here. If a gun is unlocked and not purchased then it can only be bought with coins. Using diamonds as a substitute for coins is not recommended as they should be kept for buying guns that can only be purchased through diamonds or making weapons premium. If a gun is not unlocked it can only be purchased with diamonds. (NOTE: Now it will just buy the weapon, and you can equip it right away) Also guns can be upgraded to premium with diamonds but it comes to an expensive price especially at higher levels. The more a weapon is used and obtain kills with it, the less the number of diamonds required to upgrade it to premium until it reaches the maximum of 3 stars. At this stage, it costs half the number of diamonds as opposed to upgrading a weapon that had never been used before.

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