Benjamin Taylor IconA born-and-bred cockney, Benjamin Taylor progressed from dissecting worms in his mother's parlor to becoming a surgical prodigy at st. Bart's hospital.

His Default taunt includes him shaking his head in disappointment

Aldo Arzt IconAldo Arzt was one of the most famous physicians in Germany -- hailing himself as "the most sought after doctor in the country."

His Default taunt shows him laughing at the death of his enemies

The Medic is the third class in Blitz Brigade and will be unlocked at rank 10. He has 600 health points and is a bit faster than the soldier. This class is specifically designed to heal his teammates and is made for multiple range. He can heal other players with his Ultra ability and some of his guns, but which guns you like is up to you.

Ultra Ability Edit

He can throw a 'spell-bottle-grenade' which explodes and makes a cloud of purple gas. Everyone in the enemy's team will get poisoned, the friendlies will get healed. The number of heal points replenish or damage, the ability's duration and the recharge time can all be upgraded at the Warehouse menu in the Fusion-Ultra ability section.

Skills Edit

  • 30% Movement speed
  • 20% Secondary weapon incendiary effect
  • 30% Melee weapon bleeding dot effect
  • 30% Primary weapon fire rate
  • 40% Primary weapon clip size
  • 40% Secondary weapon range
  • 50% Primary weapon heal/damage 
  • 50% Secondary weapon damage

Hats Edit

Primary Weapons Edit

The medic's primary weapons are a bit of everything. The beginner weapons can heal other players and sometimes one-shot enemies, if those haven't got a maxed out shield. The rest are machine guns, splash damage weapons, shotguns... Depends on the weapon can the medic shoot from different distances. You can't aim down sight with any primary Medic weapon.

The Medic has got the same default weapon for Allies as Axis, The Leveler. It's stats are pretty much okay for a starter weapon. It can even make head-shots when the enemy's shield is low. The Havenpass works identically the same like The Leveler, but it has got different stats. It has a higher fire-rate and a lower damage. The Engelhander is a very unique weapon. It detonates blue or red colored globes out of the weapon and is capable of self-healing when pointing to the ground. The Plasma Emitter can be seen as a stronger version of the Havenpass. The Bad Juju is not a lot bigger than a hand, but it can certainly deal more damage than punching. It's a splash damage weapon that throws green clouds, but it's in no way comparable with the Engelhander. The Neutralizer is a shared weapon of the Stealth. It doesn't really fit in the Medic's weaponry, nor in the Stealth's. It's more likely an assault rifle like the Soldier weapons. The Dandy has actually the same to tell, but the weapon is way much stronger though. However it might seem like those weapons doesn't belong in the Medic's weaponry, they can still do great damage if they are used the right way. The Medical Malpractice and The Meltdown in the other hand are. They are both automatic weapons, shooting toxic and even sharing the same shooting sound. They are even very strong to use in the gold division while there are many other weapons. Spark Frenzy is the Medic's only primary shotgun. It fires fast, but it has also got a small clip size. Yet, this weapon is still very powerful. The Void Cannon is together with the Triple Burn the highest cost weapon. They are both unstoppable, but just due it's stats, it might be easier to kill with the Void cannon.

Secondary Weapons Edit

Except for the dragon gun are the secondary weapons all shotguns that can deal over 400 damage. These must be used at very close ranges and an extra upgraded fire effect will make it way much easier to kill your enemies. You can't aim down sight with any secondary Medic weapon.

The Allies default secondary is the Saarling and the Harper M37 for the Axis. They are shotguns, which can be used for not to fast moving targets and they can deal great damage or even one-shot others when aiming for the head. The Rothkoe 721 is almost the same. It has of course different stats, not necessarily better than the defaults, but it has also got a very different effect which is very recognizable. Unfortunately, this weapon got removed of the shop. The Barossa is a double barrel shotgun and is pretty good at close range. The damage can be massive, but the bullet spread is massive too. The Hessenbach, the Harwood and the Haflinger are all shotguns, one being better than the other. The Haflinger has got an unique look, but they have all got comparable stats and work the same. The Shellbourne is actually the Haflinger, but than twice as good. The weapon makes easy kills and is good for both shot and medium range. The Dragon Gun is the only specific secondary weapon for the Medic that is no shotgun. It's a splash damage weapon throwing fireballs and having a very big splash radius. If the skills are upgraded can it just take two shots to kill an enemy.

Melee Weapons Edit

The Medic's default melees are Bonesaws for both Allies as Axis. Then follows the Shredder and The Divider, which are not bad for melee weapons. Then, there is the Last Rites, an axe that seems to be used by native Americans. The last weapon in this list is the Re-Fibrillator.

Strategy Edit


Allies medics celebrating victory

If you're a windows player, you can better never stop moving and shooting around with any splash damage. But luckily for android and IOS has the extra speed from golden weapons been reset and is that annoying problem out of the game. Try to avoid demolishers or take players with splash damage weapons out in their back. If you do want to be hated in the version of android and IOS, you should use the dragon gun to kill everyone and the engelhandler to restore your health very quickly. If there are some crushers in your match, you can use the Drumhammer or the Whirlwind and make circles around the crusher's legs while you're shooting it. The medic has got multiple sort type of weapons and can shoot from different distances.

Basic Tips Edit

  • Try to avoid gunfire from the enemy by moving around left right.
  • Try to taunt when you're sure you're safe.
  • Try to shoot from a higher spot.
  • Aim for the hat when using a melee weapon.
  • Try to capture a flag in domination mode in team.
  • Be sure you get by the flag as fast as you can in domination mode so you can take out the enemy from behind if someone wanted to capture that flag.
  • Run around the flag in domination mode.
  • Open the menu inside buildings where aren't any players and you can't get spotted by the enemy.
  • Protect your teammate if he's caring a flag on a distance that is far enough so the enemy can't see you, but also not too far so you can still pick up the flag if your teammate died.
  • If your teammate is looking at his back while caring a flag, can you walk the way he'll walk to see if an enemy is waiting. If he isn't watching he's back, can you stand at spots where the enemy wont see you and wait till there might show up some enemies.

Counter tactics Edit


Ultra Abilities
Soldier Stun Effect
Reduces charging time to 65 / ? / 45 s
Increases Duration to 15 / 20 / 25 s
Increases stun effect duration to 2 / 3 / 4 s
Gunner Healing Shield
Reduces recharging time to 85 / 65 / 45 s
Increases duration to 13 / 16 / 20 s
HP replenishes by 45 / 75 / 100 %
Medic The Hand That Heals
Reduces charging time to 85 / 65 / 55 s
Increases Toxic cloud's duration ? / ? / ?
Increases Toxic cloud's damage 45 / 55 / 75%
Stealth Blink
Reduces charging time to 80 / 60 / 50
Increases duration to 25 / ? / 45 s
Increases the amount of Blinks to 4 / 5 / 7
Sniper Infravision Unknown upgrades
Demolisher Bomb Surprise
Reduces charging time to 65 / 55 / 45 s
Increases explosion damage ? / ? / ?
Increases the explosion radius to 12 / 14 / 16 m
Engineer Tech Supremacy
Reduces charging time to 85 / 65 / 45 s
Increases the turret's damage by 25 / 35 / 45 %
Increases the turret's durability (HP) by 25 / 35 /45 %
Skill Upgrades
  • 20% Primary weapon clip size
  • 20% Melee weapon damage
  • 30% Melee weapon bleeding dot effect
  • 30% Primary weapon range
  • 40% Primary weapon critical chance
  • 40% Primary weapon fire rate
  • 50% Primary weapon damage
  • -50% Primary weapon reload time
  • 20% Damage to vehicles
  • 20% Health level
  • 30% Secondary weapon incendiary effect
  • 30% Splash damage
  • 40% Secondary weapon damage
  • 40% Splash radius
  • 50% Melee weapon concussion effect
  • -50% Primary weapon miss chance
  • 30% Movement speed
  • 20% Secondary weapon incendiary effect
  • 30% Melee weapon bleeding dot effect
  • 30% Primary weapon fire rate
  • 40% Primary weapon clip size
  • 40% Secondary weapon range
  • 50% Primary weapon heal/damage 
  • 50% Secondary weapon damage 
  • 20% Melee weapon damage
  • 20% Primary weapon range
  • 30% Secondary weapon clip size
  • 30% Secondary weapon damage
  • 40% Grenade damage
  • 40% Health level
  • 50% Primary weapon bleeding dot effect
  • 50% Stealth mode duration
  • 20% Primary weapon clip size
  • -20% Secondary weapon reload time
  • 30% Melee weapon damage
  • 30% Secondary weapon range
  • 40% Damage to vehicles
  • 40% Secondary weapon damage
  • 50% Primary weapon critical chance
  • -50% Secondary weapon miss chance
  • 20% Primary weapon clip size
  • 20% Damage to vehicles
  • 30% Primary weapon damage
  • 30% Melee weapon damage
  • 40% Splash radius
  • 40% Grenade damage
  • 50% Splash damage
  • 50% Super jump cooldown reduction
  • 20% Primary weapon clip size
  • 30% Turret fixing time
  • 30% Turret health
  • 30% Damage to vehicles
  • 20% Secondary weapon
  • 30% Health level
  • 25% Primary weapon damage
  • 20% Movement speed
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