The M1 Lockram is a primary weapon for the Sniper class in Blitz Brigade. It was at one point the second most powerful sniper rifle in the game, behind the Moray, but now it has been overtaken by several sniper rifles like the Last Word and the De-Brainer. In terms of stats, the damage is amazing, as one to two shots can quickly kill an enemy or an enemy vehicle. The critical chance is pretty good, and is on par with the Moray. The ammo capacity is not the best when compared to higher level sniper rifles, but the range is very good. The rate of fire is also good for a sniper rifle because it is semi-automatic. This gun also has an adjustable scope, but the zoom is very powerful making it difficult to aim at players on small maps. It is based on the M1C and M1D sniper rifles, which are scoped versions of the M1 Garand.

Other facts Edit

  • This weapon has the highest zoom capability of all weapons in the game. This makes it suitable on maps as large as Malta Fort.