Hats are an accessory for the classes in Blitz Brigade. It was introduced in the November 2015 update, along with the VIP Levels mechanic. This features allows players to customize their characters and their character's statistics. The hats have all got their own advantages, like improving the damage absorption, the movement speed, the health level. But they've also got their own disadvantages, like enemy bullet spread, movement speed, health level. There is a total of 86 hat pages made. Every character has got 1 or 2 inclusive hats and can buy 3 others for that character. The most hats cost 250, some fan-made hats cost 150 diamonds and the Christmas hats cost 300 or 500 diamonds. The Royal Highness, The Stahlhelm are the only hats that can't be bought in the shop.

Soldier Duncan McCracken

The Straight Edge · The Lieutenant · The Ranger · The Distinguished Gentleman · Allied Kepi · The Chef

Albert Von Scharffenberger

The Billionaire · The Officer · The Constructor Destructor · The Incognito · The Cranberry Beret

Both factions

Santa's Little Helper · Slapdash Santa

Gunner Bryan "Butch" Johnson

Dimple Dandy · The Rough Rider · The Scrummage · The Trojan Force · The Alpine

‎‎Rolf Hartmann

The Forward Momentum · The Punching Bag · The Homemade Horror · The Shower Cap

Both factions

The Slay Rider

Medic Benjamin Taylor

The Oui Madame · MEDIC!!! · The Plumber · The Charleston · The Barrel of Shame

Aldo Arzt

The Cue Ball · Der Helmet · The Inner Child · The Doctor's Orders · The Quarantine

Both factions

The Peppermint

Stealth Francois Guillet

The Popped Collar · The Croque Monsieur · The Steel Horse · El Mariachi · The Scare Bear

‎‎Satoru Hokama

The Bearded One · The Crimson Death · The Hachimaki Headache · The Smiley · The Shark

Both factions

The Fan Service · The Snowman

Sniper Yegor Zimov

The Follicly Challenge · The Nordic Terror · The Bad Hair Day · The Beanie Meanie

‎‎Fabio Bellini

The No-Hat · The Cardinal · The Mummy Dearest · The Hole in One · The Inglorious Clucker

Both factions

The William Tell · The Holiday Surprise · Face Baster

Demolisher Karl Polzin

The Stash · The Default · The Iron Soldier · The Paladin · The Welder

‎‎Alberto Donati

The Open Air · The Deadly Standard · The Biker · The Situation Diffuser · The Darn Tootin'

Both factions

The Pandemic · The Reigndeer · Frosty Face

Engineer Sybil Herrera

Flat Top · The Combatant · The Roughneck · The Amantis

Hilda Hertz

Pin-up · Franky · The Jockette · The Warden

Both factions

Wreath Crown

multiple classes In Shop

The Stars and Stripes · The Graduate · The Stahlhelm


The Royal Highness · Zork Head