Blitz Brigade - New mode update00:31

Blitz Brigade - New mode update

FFA is one of the four game modes that appear in Blitz Brigade. It's the most recent mode and it has been added in April 2016, update 13. The goal is to be the first that made 30 kills, but if the time ran out while nobody has reached the limit, will the player with the most kills win. However the 30 kills goal rarely will be reached is the duration of the match in that mode just 5 minutes. Since update 16 can't you re-spawn anymore, so you better use a weapon with a lot of ammo. Don't run to the enemies on your map or just try to focus on the middle when there are a lot of players in your match, because you'll probably wont kill them before someone else did and you have got the chance to get spotted by an other enemy.


Cathedral · Madagascar · Madagascar Ruins · Malta Fort · UFO Crash Site


Cathedral · Madagascar Ruins· Malta Docks · Malta Fort · UFO Crash Site

Flag Capture

Cathedral · Madagascar · Madagascar Ruins · Malta Docks · UFO Crash Site

Free For All

Cathedral · Madagascar Ruins · Malta Docks · UFO Crash Site

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