Events are temporarily matches or challenges that a player can join if he has the required level or items. Joining events is optional and players don't have to pay to access an event, but it can be possible they need to have a certain class or a certain weapon to participate. A player only joined after pressing the "join" button; when it has not been pressed, the player is unable to make points and achieve milestones. There are four different events: the "Weekly Tournament", the "Squad Tournament", the little events and a special event, Dead Brigade. All events have a top 100 with different rewards for being in different ranks. The reward that is granted for those who are at the first to the third place won't win what those will win at place four till ten.

Weekly Tournament Edit

The weekly events have almost always taken 3 days and provided the player of three milestones to reach. Different to 2014, these events don't require a class anymore and are always free. The milestones rewards can be skill points, coins, diamonds, consumables, card boxes or weapons; these can be reached by making points in the match that has been set for that event and they cannot be reached when playing in another match.

Weekly Tournament no description

Squad Tournament Edit

These are events, just like the weekly events but than with a duration of five days and, instead of making points for themselves, the player's points will be conducted with the points that other squad members have made. However, if a squad didn't reach the top 100, its players won't win any diamonds. The diamonds are divided over the team by the percent of points a player made for the whole squad. If 60% of the points have been made by a player, he will be rewarded with 60% of the diamonds that have been won by that squad. Just like the Weekly Tournament are the map and game mode already set.

Squad Tournament Get as many tournament kills as possible!

Weekly events Edit

These events go from shooting enemies in the air to fighting with the gunner. These events can take two or three days. However there were daily events in the very first version of Blitz Brigade, these events are taking more likely two or three days.

Quick Draw True Speed: Be the first one to get a kill!
Primary Schooled Kill the most enemies using Primary weapons!
Have A Blast Get the biggest explosive kill streak you can!
Global Warming
A Helping Hand Patch up teammates as many times as you can!
Valentine's Day Patch up teammates as many times as you can!
Road Kill Use vehicles to squash the most enemies!
Heads up Score as many headshots as you can!
No-Fly Zone Shoot down every airborne enemy you can!
Class Warfare As the requested class, kill as many enemies as you can!
Shoot Du Jour Kill enemies using the Great Smile weapons
Alternative methods Kill the most enemies using Secondary weapons!
Unbeatable Get as many consecutive wins as you can!

Dead Brigade Edit

Dead Brigade is a special event that has been implemented in the Zombie Mode Update. It's comparable with the Survival missions that can be played in the Training. Players can team up and fight with three players in a match to battle zombies that come walking towards them. To prevent dying from the zombie toxic, players can pick up bottles to restart the counter. Once a player's counter of toxic is 100%, the his movement will be decreased as long as he doesn't pick up a healing bottle.