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Update 16 has been released in December 2016 for android and IOS. The main new feature of the update was the Engineer class, which is the first female class in Blitz Brigade. Along with it's class, did there also came Engineer weapons like the Humble-Bee, the Vanquisher, the Splattergun, the Striker, the Skyrazer, "melee weapon", "melee weapon", "melee weapon" and her turrets like the Sentinel, the Electrifier, the Frenzy and The Chancellor. For all the maxed out players did they also added the Unchained-levels so they could level up again, after having reached level 120 and become more powerful by the bonus of the new levels. But in this update came also a couple of Balance changes to improve the game play.
Balance Changes Update 16

List of balance-changes:

  • Added faster re-spawn
  • Increased invincibility after spawn from 3 to 5 seconds
  • Increased invincibility tonic cool-down
  • Removed ammo box re-spawn exploit, no more manual re-spawn while battle is on
  • Reworked the level-up rewards system, significantly boosted rewards
  • Nerfed Snowflake
  • Nerfed Red Glare
  • Made Ultra Abilities upgrades cheaper
  • Nerfed Sniper’s Ultra Ability
  • Boosted Demoman’s Ultra Ability
Blitz Brigade Update 16 - Engineer class00:51

Blitz Brigade Update 16 - Engineer class

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