Diamond chest
Diamonds are a type of premium currency in Blitz Brigade. They are the secondary but a more exclusive currency used to buy items, and are the classic diamond shape and light blue.

How To Earn DiamondsEdit

You get diamonds from in-app purchases (not advisable). THE BEST WAY TO GET DIAMONDS is by getting it from daily rewards (and of course, Squad Tournaments), starting at 5 to 25 diamonds. For Squad Tournaments, you earned 300 to 1000 diamonds if you joined the squad and reach to 100th to 1st place. However, you don't get diamonds every day, you can also get 3 diamonds from watching a video, however, you can only watch 2 videos per day, getting 6 diamonds a day(advisable).


Diamonds can be purchased in the store, won in tournaments, or given as a reward often for the newer daily reward system. You also get one diamond for leveling up.

Diamonds can be used to upgrade weapons or your shield, buy squads, coins, XP boosters, purchase skill points, and purchase premium weapons.

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