Death in Blitz Brigade is perhaps the same as most FPS games, and you have to wait on a timer until you can respawn. When the timer is done you automatically respawn. The times for respawn vary depending on what type of game you are in.There are several options you can select when you are waiting. A different feature in Blitz Brigade is that you can skip the timer in Blitz Brigade using 1 Diamond. Which is not recommended considering the value of diamonds although many accidentally brush against this button.

There are several ways to die and you can suicide too. The easiest way to die is to get killed by an enemy. It is noted that you cannot die from jumping of heights.

Select ClassEdit

While in death, you can change your class to any you choose, but that is only during death.

Change Loadout & Equip ItemsEdit

During death you can also change the guns you want to use or the items you want to consume in game.

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