Coins is the main type of currency in Blitz Brigade. These can be earned by finishing matches, completing training levels for the first time, reaching milestones in events or by buying them through in-app purchases and exchanging diamonds for them which is not advised. Before they menu got drastically changed they looked like gold discs with a grenade printed in the middle. The first time the menu changed it has a star in it, later when the Engineer update came out, they changed it a little bit. Now the grenade has been replaced with a star. You can also double your coins after playing a session (continuous gameplay in one server) by watching one of the two daily videos.


Coins are needed to repair weapons and buy new weapons for their player's class. They are not that hard to obtain in the game as challenges and matches reward a decent amount. You can get twice the amount of coins received in a match by buying a coin booster pack, which costs 25 diamonds (the same goes for a diamond booster) and lasts one day (24h). It is advisable to only use this when. Being a VIP member gives you a lot of extra coins per match as well.

How To Get CoinsEdit

For winning a match, you get 2,000 XP, for losing or participating, you get 1,000 XP. The amount of coins depends on the amount of XP you received during that match. At the end of each match, 10% of the total amount of XP will be counted as coins.

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