Classes are different characters in Blitz Brigade. They are designed to have specific advantages in certain situations and have all got different weapons, skills, Ultra abilities, etc. There are 7 classes and every faction has his own character in a class, which makes a total of 14 characters. The Demolisher, the sixth class, has been added in update 9, August 2015. The Last class, the engineer, has been released in update 16.

List of all classes: Edit


  • Sets the standard. Has 750 health, sprints at a brisk pace, and captures flags quicker than any other class.


  • Has extra health, but moves slower.

Medic: (Unlocked at level 5 or after paying 30 diamonds)

  • Has many weapons capable of healing allies. Can run extremely fast.

Stealth: (Unlocked at level 20 or after paying 75 diamonds)

  • Uses weapons that are silent, excluding secondaries. Has the lowest health (without max skills) along with the Sniper, but he can turn invisible (Stealth Mode).

Sniper: (Unlocked at level 30 or after paying 110 diamonds)

  • Great at long range, but not as adept in close combat. Does not run particularly fast or have a lot of health. Sniper rifles deal great damage.

Demolisher: (Unlocked at Level 40 or after paying 160 diamonds)

  • All explosive class with high health. He has medium speed and deals high damage. He also has a unique rocket jump ability (Super Jump).

Engineer: (Can only be unlocked by spending real money)

  • Is not that powerful, but deals a lot of damage with her turrets. She has got a various of unique weapons.


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