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Blitz Brigade - Capture the Flag Update

CTF, which is called Flag Capture for now, is one of the four game modes that appear in Blitz Brigade. The objective for each team is to capture the opponents' flag by bringing their flag to your base. A team wins when they have successfully earned 12 or more points by capturing the enemy flag. If non of the teams have captured a flag, will the team with the most experience points win the match. To avoid any ties, is the first captured flag three points worth.

Since update 16 has the Sniper class been re-balanced and can't you spawn, which makes this game mode useful and not just a longer version of the deathmatch. When you're in the higher divisions, will there be still less people really capturing a flag, but it's not that easy anymore what makes it challenging again.

Strategy: Edit

  • The person with the flag cannot sprint, so make sure he's under protection.
  • It is best to have the Medic (he can heal) to capture the flag while the other classes support him (Sniper for covering fire, Gunner for shielding, Stealth to sneak in and kill enemy snipers or stealths, and Soldier to cover the Medic's retreat and a Demolisher to keep an eye on the whole map) because he's the fastest class when his speed is maxed out.
  • It is best when most, if not the entire, team assists in a flag capture. It is very difficult for one to do it alone because they will have to fight through opposing team to not only get the flag, but to also to fight back the enemies attempts to get it back. Its a team effort, fellows. Remember that.
  • Gunners should not capture the flag. Their slow speed will be a great disadvantage and they can be easily killed by Snipers.
  • When you have the flag, it is best to jump while you move (a bit left and right). It makes you a harder target to hit.
  • Its best to get the flag when most of the enemy team are dead or distracted.
  • As soon as you get the flag, run back to yours unless you are base-camping or getting a lot of kills. 
  • If possible, try to use Voice Chat to communicate and warn your teammates and plan what you'll do.

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