The 4x4 is a vehicle in Blitz Brigade. It has 1250 HP and 2500 when upgraded. It was commonly used for transportation to capture flags quicker in large maps such as Malta Fort or Cathedral, but since the spawning station, aren't they used for transport anymore. It can also harass the enemy troops, but beware; it can be destroyed easily by an enemy gunner, medic,sniper and Demolisher. It also has the ability to hit enemies down, which does between 110 and 130 damage, and between 165 and 195 when upgraded for every 0.5 seconds. It is the only vehicle to hold more than 1 person, with one being the driver and the other stays on the back with the ability to shoot the turret gun on the 4x4.

The 4x4 is notably based off of the famous Willys Jeep, but instead has different headlights and more vents on the grille. Also, it costed 15 diamonds to upgrade in the first versions, making it the cheapest vehicle to upgrade. The gun mounted on the jeep is based off the M1919 Browing machine gun. Since the Crusher update has the 4x4 been increased at armor and the mounted machine gun has increased damage and less spread. The controls for the 4x4 were also improved in the hat update, but because the vehicles cost money to spawn, can't other players get in your 4x4 anymore.

Tips: Edit

  • The 4x4's true strength lie in its top speed as well as effectively using the mounted gun which can kill most classes before overheating.
  • This vehicle is good for capture the flag in Madagascar being the flag carrier disables sprint.
Spawning Station

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