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Update 19 has been released! In this update there have been new guns like Great Smile, Rapid Biter and Baby Bee, an extended Engineer inventory which makes it possible to have two turrets deployed at the time, and a new feature, 3G/LTE support, which makes it possible to play Blitz Brigade anywhere, any time. You can go to the Blitz Brigade Facebook page for daily post and sneak peeks of the updates.

Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics is another game made by Gameloft, heavily based on Clash Royale. You can play it on Android, iOS and Windows

Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics Gameplay01:26

Blitz Brigade Rival Tactics Gameplay

About the BlitzBrigade Wiki
Although there is a windows version, this Wiki is only based on the most recent version of Blitz Brigade which is released on android and IOS. If you've got any question or suggestion, feel free to contact an admin of our wiki! At the moment, you can ask Blayer Bond any time on his Message Wall for help. Everybody can help and is free to do so.

Blitz Brigade is a game released by Gameloft on May 9th, 2013. It is a mobile based game developed by Gameloft. The theme is primarily based on World War II, and has strong similarities to Battlefield: Heroes. To learn more about the game, check out the Blitz Brigade page for more information, or use the navigation bar at the top to find what you need. You can downlowd the most recent version of the game on Android and iOS.

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    June 21, 2017 by Finki70

    Hey guys, I want to help with this wiki.

    my name is Andi and Im 13 Jears old.

    Do you have questions? then contact me on my page

    See you, Andi

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    Less editing

    May 31, 2017 by Blayer Bond


    This is just to let you know I won't be making edits, or at least just a few, till 23 June. I have exams, but I will visit the wiki almost each day and keep an eye on it. I'am getting busy the weeks between, so that's why it's a month. I will also still be able to answer question or receive feed…

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    Do you think that Divisions should stay or not?

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Latest Changes
  • discussion page fly bane
    comment by Blayer Bond 1 day ago


    kay what comes after zhe unchained levels? 

    Blayer Bond

    Blayer Bond

    I don't know if there is a max level, but I can only guess there isn't a reward or something. 

  • discussion page Talk:Kemp Type 77
    new comment by A Fandom user 1 day ago
    Comment: No I think it's a Kar98k with a scope. Notice the hood sight which is present, which is in the real life kar98k.
  • edit Divisions
    edited by Finki70 1 day ago diff
    Summary: now 300
  • discussion page Facebook
    comment by Finki70 1 day ago
    Blayer Bond

    Blayer Bond

    It's because it's not a community page; it's my profile page so it only can be found when you're logged in. 



    ah so thx 

  • edit Blitz Brigade
    edited by Blayer Bond 2 days ago diff
  • discussion page Divisions
    comment by Blayer Bond 2 days ago
    Comment: How about you, actually? What do you think about the game? I think I need some confirmation that it's not only me who is having problems with Blitz...
  • discussion page Hey
    comment by Blayer Bond 2 days ago
    Comment: Welcome to our wiki, Andi! This wiki is not as big as the others because it has been inactive for like years. Also, I'm in exam period, so I'm unable...


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  • edit Divisions
    edited by Blayer Bond 2 days ago diff
  • discussion page gold division
    comment by Blayer Bond 2 days ago


    You can get every 100 matches a chest, not every 300!  

    Blayer Bond

    Blayer Bond

    Yes it was in the old update; first it was 100, then they changed it to 300 till the Engineer update and then they changed it back to 100... 

  • discussion page Talk:Mushroom Maker
    new comment by Finki70 2 days ago
    Comment: Thats one of the badest weapons in the game :( I like to play with it :)
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